How We Work

We Work Directly with Organizations and with External Consultants

The Heffelfinger Company works directly with organizations working with internal Learning & Development, Human Resources, Organization Development, or related staff inside organizations.

We also work with external consultants who want to offer these assessments and programs to their clients inside organizations. There are several ways we can support you/your clients in the use of our assessments.

We Do It

We have excellence experience with all the assessments as we use them as part of our work with OUR clients. Therefore – one way we can work with you – is to come onsite and work directly with you/your clients to facilitate a Leadership Retreat, Department Offsite, or Work with a Team that you think could benefit from our services and our assessments.

In this situation, we would design the session(s), interface directly with the key stakeholder/leader, and administer the assessments for the session(s).

Your cost: Consulting Fee plus Cost of Assessments

You Do It

A second way that we can work with you – is that YOU/your organization would be responsible for delivery of the program and administering the assessments.

What are the steps for this?

  1. We would set you up with an account where you could order and administer the assessments directly online.
  2. We would need a company credit card on file so that you could order as needed anytime of day or night
  3. You get certified to deliver the program.

What are the benefits for this approach?

  1. We would train you on how to use the online system.
  2. We are available, at any time, to answer your questions about using the system or how to use the materials with your clients.
  3. We hold periodic updates with you on upcoming product enhancements, how we are using the products with our clients and what additional resources we have found.

Your cost: Cost of the Assessments plus a small one-time set-up fee*

* Set-up fee waived if you purchase a facilitator kit or certification

We Do It Together

You might not be ready to “do it by yourself” but you want to learn how to do it by yourself.

What are the steps for this?

  1. We get you certified to deliver the program.
  2. We do a Train-the-Trainer with your team onsite.
  3. We can co-facilitate with you, until you are comfortable.*
  4. We can administer the assessments for you until you are ready.**

Your cost: * Consulting Fee + Cost of the Assessments
                   **Nominal Administrative fee unless we are co-facilitating with you.